Chart Setup

Chart Settings Setup

This section contains the following:

  • Removing unwanted indicator/chart text at the top

  • Turn off candle borders to clearly see trend candle colors

  • Adjust background color and grid lines to your preference

Once you have added the indicator to your chart you may look something like this with lots of text.

Right click and go to settings.

In settings go to 'Status line' in the settings section on the left and uncheck the 'Indicator Arguments' and 'Indicator Values' boxes to hide the indicator text, and uncheck the 'OHLC Values' and 'Bar Change Values' to hide the text at the top.

Next you may notice the candle coloring is not as clearly shown for the trend candle color indicator settings. To fix this go to the 'Symbol' settings section on the upper left of settings and uncheck the 'Borders' box. Now you can see the trend candle colors more clearly.

You can further customize your chart settings by turning off the background grid lines and changing the background color to your preference. Go to 'Appearance' settings section and adjust the 'Background', 'Vert Grid Lines', and 'Horz Grid Lines'.

Chart set up ready to go.