Alerts Setup

Tradingview Alerts Setup

Once indicator is loaded on the chart with your desired custom settings and ready to set alerts. Open the alert configuration box by either selecting 'Alert' at the top, right click and click 'Add Alert', or press 'Alt+A' hot key. In the 'Create Alert' box set:

  1. Condition Top Box: Select Kashikoi or indicator

  2. Condition Second Box: Select Alert type, LONG, EXIT LONG, SHORT, EXIT SHORT, TP, SL, etc

  3. Options: Select 'Once Per Bar Close'

  4. Expiration Time: Set 'Open-ended' or time

  5. Alert Actions: Set alert actions, email, email-to-SMS, app, popup

  6. Message: Enter your alert message details, chart asset and timeframe

You will get a 'Warning' notification when creating the alert. This is because the indicator has the options to use custom timeframes and cannot be avoided with adding these custom options. The indicator does not repaint any signals once candle closed, see next section for more details.

TradingView only allows a maximum of 1 alert when you're using their Free plan. To be able to set up multiple alerts you will need to upgrade to a higher tier subscription on TradingView.

For Kashikoi [SIGNALS] Indicator

In order to add all the plots and the alerts in a single indicator, the alerts are all combined into a single alert but with the option to change and select which specific alert in the settings. You can still set all the alerts for all the indicators combined by changing at the bottom of the settings is the alerts section. Follow the instructions shown in the indicator settings below. Alternatively, you can still set the alerts for each individual indicator strategy by using it's separate indicator. So you can use RyuTA indicator to set TR signal alerts, and RyuKumo indicator to set BULL/BEAR signal alerts from their own indicators.