Discord Bots Alerts

The RyuBots use the Trend Trading Method similar to the Tradingview indicator, but alerts here in discord.

✅Scan the market 24/7 for several coins and timeframes ✅Alert in discord channels at key points when to check the charts ✅Help shows targets and alerts to book profits ✅Help shows exit trailing stoploss to protect profit ✅Stoploss to minimize risk ✅Trade with the trend ✅Don't need to watch charts 24/7 ✅Never miss the pumps/dumps get instant alerts

RyuBots currently cover several timeframes trends and popular major alts on Binance USDT pairs, great for any trader

It is up to the trader to manage the trade and make the decision

  • Don't get rekt and trade bots blindly

  • Don't go all in

  • Always use risk management

  • Define maximum risk and stoploss

  • Confirm with your own TA/strategy

The bots use Binance pricing, but the trend and signals are the same on all exchanges, but keep in mind the the prices, wicks, and profit calculations may vary.

The bots do not auto execute the trades on the exchange. They monitor the markets 24/7 and send alerts to discord at key levels so the trader does not have to watch the charts 24/7.

The RyuBots can be used on their own to check the trend, trades, and alerts; or use with your own strategy for confluence and help with entries and exits.

RyuBots are best used with Kashikoi TradingView indicator using the Trend Analyzer to confirm and check trend and levels on the charts. With the Trend Analyzer you can check the trend, support, and resistances with RyuKumo and RyuFib, and various timeframes of the trend to get a larger picture of the trend and supports/resistances.

You can trade the timeframe and trend that suits you, and check for confluences. If trading on the lower timeframes for day trading and quick scalps, best to follow the trend and check the major trends.