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Crypto Market Scanner Commands Syntax


The trend logic of the scanner bot is from the RyuKumo trend which is in Kashikoi. Timeframes: 1m, 5m, 15m, 30m, 45m, 1h, 2h, 4h, and 1D Types: USDT or BTC Tickers: Binance pairs

It is also not lower or upper case sensitive, so it will still work if you use any combination.

The bot will not be on 24/7 so check if it is online before using. There is not enough demand or usage and members to require it to run 24/7. The higher timeframes also won't need to be scanned as often.

Please wait a few minutes for the bot to process the scan & finish before starting a new scan!

Market scan command syntax:

/scan market timeframe type


/scan market
/scan market 1h
/scan market 1h USDT
/scan market 4h BTC

The timeframeand type inputs are not required. If they are not used it will default to 4h and USDT pairs.

Specific pair scan command syntax:

Ticker is entered in the format: BTC/USDT. Will scan the specified ticker for multiple timeframes:

  • 15m

  • 1h

  • 4h

  • 1D

/scan ticker


/scan BTC/USDT
/scan ETH/USDT
/scan ETH/BTC
/scan xrp/usdt
/scan xrp/btc

If ticker is not supported it will default to BTC/USDT.