Earn Discord Roles and Rewards

Discord Roles

Additionally to the Referrals Ranking System roles which can be earned by promoting the server with Discord referrals from invites with your link, you can earn roles by being active and contributing to the Discord server. Which also offers discount and savings incentives.

Roles Including:

  • Analyst

  • Contributor

  • Memester

Analyst role earned from being active posting charts/updates/setups/TA in the share-charts channel. This can be with the Kashikoi indicator or your own technical analysis methods.

Contributor role is earned from being active sharing Kashikoi/RyuBots results/updates in the share-charts channel or helping promoting the Ryuzaki Trading Room Discord Server Group, Kashikoi indicator, and RyuBots.

Memester role is earned from being active sharing memes in the memes channel.

Roles Incentive Rewards

Incentive rewards will be given to top contributors for earning the Analyst and/or Contributor role, which include discounts for PRO and PRO+ plans based on contribution. Contributor role will also unlock access to the RyuBots results channel and able to post in the charts-updates channel. The Memester role is just for fun role with the only reward is the role title.

Difference Between Referrals Ranking Roles and Contributor Roles?

With the Referrals Ranking Roles you can build your rank with Discord referrals. Higher ranking can earn higher referral rewards for PRO/PRO+ membership or BTC commission rewards. Can earn FREE PRO+ with Veteran rank.

With the Contributor Roles including Analyst and Contributor you can earn the role title and discounts for PRO and PRO+ plans based on your contribution.