Referrals Ranking

Referrals Ranking System Incentive

Referrals Help Promote & Earn

By sharing with your friends, followers, community, you can help grow the Ryuzaki Trading Room Discord server, share indicator to help your friends, and earn by referral bonus.

You must use your own custom invite link set to never expire and no limit of uses! Or else your invites won't be saved and lost when your link expires! See instructions below to set up your permanent link.

Discord Invite Referrals Ranking

  • Unranked - No rank, no incentives

  • Bronze - 2% incentive, requires 2 discord referrals

  • Silver - 5% incentive, requires 5 discord referrals

  • Gold - 10% incentive, requires 20 discord referrals

  • Platinum - 15% incentive, requires 50 discord referrals

  • Diamond - 20% incentive, requires 100 discord referrals

  • Veteran - 33% incentive, requires 500 discord referrals (+1 year FREE PRO+ per 500)

If you are staying active, helping others, or spreading the word, you will be upgrade you to bronze.

Veteran rank will be rewarded for promoting growing the discord community with FREE PRO+ membership with access to all indicators and bots for +1 year per 500 discord referrals.

Higher ranking receives higher referral bonus rewards. Referral rewards are a one time commission for when your referral buys a paid subscription plan. To avoid paying fees for small rewards transactions, to earn a BTC payment reward you must accumulate +$50 in referral rewards commissions. Alternatively, you can choose to use your referral rewards for a paid plan pro-rated at a discount. The referral rewards will only all be paid out one time per month if you have any referral rewards accumulated to avoid sending multiple transactions.

Referrals Ranking Roles are earned by the number of Discord Referral Invites. Referrals Rewards are earned by referring people that buy a paid plan.

How to Track Discord Referrals?

In order to track the amount of referrals or invites to the discord server for each person you will need to create your own permanent discord invite link with no limit of uses and share only that same link with your friends, followers, community, social media, etc.

RyuBot will update your rank and upgrade your rank and role.

Pick a channel that you like and want to set your link to send to and then click 'Create Instant Invite'.

Select 'Set this link to never expire' go to settings in the bottom right

Set 'EXPIRE AFTER' to 'Never' and 'MAX NUMBER OF USES' to 'No limit', then select 'Generate a New Link'

Now save that link and don't lose so you can share with your friends to help grow the server and community and ranking. Thank you!

Warning: I will be tracking who uses link and joins so do not abuse with fake rejoins and invites is against the rules!