Which timeframe to use or works best?

There is no specific or best timeframe because the indicator can be used in any timeframe.

Kashikoi is not limited to any specific timeframe and works well in any timeframe and works well in trending markets and during large trends. The settings are fully customizable and can be optimized for your timeframe. The trader can trade on the best timeframe that suits their trading style, preferences, strategy, and time available.

Timeframes and trends may vary because some trends can last a very long time while other times being cut short.

Timeframes to check the trend

  • Under 1h for day trades or scalp trades

  • 30m to 1h/2h for swing trades

  • 2h/4h/6h for midterm

  • 12h/Daily check major trend

  • 3D/Weekly Check long term trend

Some strategies such as Trend Analyzer may not work in higher timeframes on newer assets charts with less candle history data. You can use 4h or lower timeframes on newer assets with less candle history data. Also you can use the VELOCITY option on RyuTA to use on higher timeframes to react like lower timeframes.