TP - Take Profits / SL - Stoploss

Targets/Stoploss Settings

The Kashikoi indicator includes built in auto or custom take profit and stoploss (TP/SL) to improve your strategy, book profits, and minimize risk.

The section is broken up into different sections

  • TP/SL Visual Plot Settings

  • TP/SL Horizontal Lines Visual Plot Settings

  • TP/SL Custom Settings

The Targets and Stoploss Settings Section

TP/SL Visual Plot Settings

This section controls the icon labels on the chart that are above or below the candle when a TP/SL is reached. Check TP and SL to show the icons on chart. You can turn on/off the horizontal line levels for the targets and stoploss to see the levels on the chart.

TP/SL Horizontal Lines Visual Plot Settings

This section is to control the settings just for the horizontal lines showing the TP/SL levels and the text labels of the price and percent to the right.

TP/SL Custom Settings

In this section you can change the TP/SL levels to modify to customize. You can enable the Trailing SL for LONG/SHORT. You can adjust the sensitivity of the auto TP/SL and increase/decrease the levels. You can further customize the TP/SL by adjusting the candle type by either if price reached with the wick or candle closed above/below level. Default for TP if price reached so you can book profits when reached and not miss and default for SL if candle close to reduce stop hunts with the wicks. The 'Targets/Stoploss Timeframe Settings' you can select to adjust your TP/SL % levels based on timeframe or use the custom inputs. To use custom inputs select the custom inputs option then adjust the inputs below. By default the auto TP/SL levels are on and will adjust for each timeframe and chart. But if you choose you can also check the box "Select to use CUSTOM INPUTS % below for TP/SL" and adjust the percents for each TP and SL below.

Trailing Stoploss Option