LONG/SHORT Custom Strategy

With the Kashikoi Anaraiza indicator you can customize your strategy using several analytical methods with any combination. You can customize each of the following:

  • LONG




Here is the beginning of the LONG/SHORT custom strategy in the settings:

You can check/uncheck the top box to show/hide all of the signals/plots to the chart. Turning off the strategy will also turn off the TP/SL since there is no trade. So the top box acts as a quick on/off for all, or you can individually select each.

Customize Strategy

For each of the signals you can customize with your own parameters based on your own trading style, risk, strategy, and preference adding custom filters. First you will notice at the top of each of the 4 strategy sections you can select the type for the selected parameter options. Select 'All Must Trigger To LONG' so each parameter option must be triggered to LONG. Example, if you select +TR and BULL parameters then both need to be triggered to LONG. Select 'Any Trigger To LONG' so if any of the selected parameter options are triggered then it will trigger LONG. Example, if you select +TR and BULL parameters then if either trigger it will LONG.

Also for each parameter option has it's own settings you can customize in the Strategy Indicator Settings, continue reading to the next indicator settings section for more information. You can use any combination of indicator settings and filters parameter options to customize your own strategy as well as the Kashikoi [BACKTEST] indicator to backtest to find the optimal settings based on previous historical data.