Future Updates

Kashikoi future updates and improvements

Due to the TradingView limits there can only be a limited amount of strategies, features, and plots to the chart added to a single indicator. Thus, after testing and feedback we can optimize the indicator to add/remove the most used and best strategies and features.

Options that can be removed

  • TRA from strategy options if not used

  • TRA from the chart plots, can be seen from changing timeframes and feature can be added to separate Trend Analyzer indicator

  • The horizontal TP/SL lines plots to chart, they are good to see the price levels but also shown when reached with the TP/SL icon

  • Ichimoku plots, the tenkan/kijun lines, Kumo, KB, and TK plots can be moved to separate indicator and still kept in the strategy

  • RyuKumo Levels 1-3 plots, can be kept in the strategy but the kumos moved to separate indicator

  • Some of the MA strategy options, has 6 MAs for 3 different crosses, 2 MAs for above/below, and 2 MAs for pullbacks; can just have 2 for crossovers, 1 for above/below, and 1 for pullback which removes 3 strategy options and 4 custom MAs still leaving options for each

  • Other LONG/SHORT optional strategy parameters that aren't used

Options that can be added

  • Trailing stoploss percent

  • Plot icons for the strategy custom MA crosses to see on chart

  • Trend Analyzer's PB/TC/TSL for -TR and SHORT strategy, currently only shows with +TR and LONG

  • New strategies options

  • Any new features requested

Please post your thoughts in Discord.