Kashikoi [TRIAL]

Indicator Trial Version

Trials have ended and are no longer available.

Kashikoi [TRIAL] version will be the same as the full version but without tradingview alerts added. Having a separate trial indicator will also help to organize trial members.

How to get access to Kashikoi [TRIAL]?

First you will need to join the Ryuzaki Trading Room Discord Server Here or link at the top of the page.

Then you will need to register for trial access. To do so please input your TradingView username in the #kashikoi-trial channel to register for access during the trial period.

Use only the following format exactly:

/trial username (optional message)


/trial RyuzakiTrader thank you!

If you messed up your username and need to update use the following command:

/trial.update username (optional message)

For more information on the current trial periods start and end dates use the trial command below:


Trial Information

Everyone registered for the trial will be added at the start date and removed at the end date at once.

Please allow up to 24 hours to be added for access if you registered during the trial period.

Kashikoi [TRIAL] free version access does not include Tradingview alerts like the full version and does not include Kashikoi [BACKTEST] strategy indicator or other indicators.

Make sure you post the correct Tradingview username and account is older than 24 hours and searchable.

More Information

Once added for access during the trial period you can add Kashikoi [TRIAL] indicator to your TradingView chart. See below links for how to add to chart and set up.