Kashikoi Anaraiza Indicator

An all in one customizable indicator that intelligently analyzes the trend direction in any market and timeframe. Easily detect the trend reversals, pullback levels, trend bias, support/resistance levels, auto/custom targets/stoploss, LONG/SHORT strategy and exits clearly on the chart. You can fully customize the conditions based on your own trading method and risk.

Due to the TradingView limits, the indicator currently has been split into two separate indicators, Kashikoi and Kashikoi [SIGNALS]. Add both to chart and use Kashikoi for the custom LONG/SHORT strategy with TP/SL levels and icons and alerts. Use Kashikoi [SIGNALS] for all of the various strategies indicators signals plots. Such has the trend candle colors, RyuKumo levels and signals shown on the chart, RyuTA TR, RyuTrend signals, Ichimoku plots and signals, BULL/BEAR Tiers 1-3, and also includes all of the alerts of all the various indicators. However, to add them all you must select which alert you want to set in the settings at the bottom before you set the alert.

Indicator is broken up into different sections

  • Trend Tiers System BULL/BEAR 1-3

  • Trend Candle Colors

  • LONG/SHORT Custom Strategy

  • Targets/Stoploss

  • Indicator Settings For Custom Strategy

  • Indicator Plots and Signals

Kashikoi Indicators

Kashikoi is a combination of several indicators where each trader can create and customize their own LONG/SHORT strategy based on the traders own strategy, methods, indicator settings, preferences, timeframe, risk, TP/SL, etc.

You can use any combination of several indicators to create your LONG/SHORT strategy:

  • RyuTA - Ryuzaki Trend Analyzer +TR/-TR

  • RyuKumo - +bull/-bear, Bull/Bear, BULL/BEAR

  • RyuTrend - BULL/BEAR 1-6

  • Ichimoku - +TK/-TK, +KB/-KB,

  • Heikin-Ashi Trend

  • ADX Trend

  • MACD Trend

  • Custom MA crosses with 11 types

  • Pivots

  • Auto TP or Custom Inputs TP

  • Auto SL or Custom Input SL

  • Trailing Stoploss Percent option

Continue reading to the Strategy Indicator Settings section for more details of each indicator strategy.

Kashikoi Definitions

The acronyms used for the chart signals which are also shown in the indicator settings. Continue reading in 'Strategy Indicators Settings' section for more details and information about each signal.

Trend Analyzer Indicator

  • +TR - Bullish Trend Reversal

  • -TR - Bearish Trend Reversal

  • +PTR - Bullish Potential Trend Reversal

  • -PTR - Bearish Potential Trend Reversal

RyuKumo Indicator

  • +bull - Earlier Bullish Trend Reversal

  • -bear - Earlier Bearish Trend Reversal

  • Bull - Bullish Trend Continuation

  • Bear - Bearish Trend Continuation

  • BULL - Bullish Trend Reversal Confirmation

  • BEAR - Bearish Trend Reversal Confirmation

  • +RK3 ⚠️GREEN WARNING - Warning to bears (potential turning bullish)

  • -RK3 ⚠️RED WARNING - Warning to bulls (potential turning bearish)

  • RK1, Rk2, Rk3 - RyuKumo Levels trend colored cloud S/R

Ichimoku Indicator

  • +KB - Bullish Kumo Breakout

  • -KB - Bearish Kumo Breakdown

  • +TK - Bullish Tenkan/Kijun Cross

  • -TK - Bearish Tenkan/Kijun Cross


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