Ryuzaki Trend Analyzer

This indicator is more of a leading indicator while the other trend methods may be more of a lagging indicator. RyuTA TRs can detect the trend reversals even before they happen. This can give some of the best and earliest entries and exits and warnings to look out for. You can still use the other indicators trend methods RyuKumo and RyuTrend for confirmation of the trend. You can also change the trend candle colors to the RyuTA trend.

RyuTA indicator is included in Kashikoi and can be used in combinations with the other indicators and strategies for the custom LONG/SHORT strategy.

The indicator has the following signals

There are many settings you can use to customize the logic of the trend reversals signals for your own preference and to optimize to any particular asset and timeframe. By default the new FILTER5 and ADAPTIVE MODE are on, see examples below comparison with and without them.


Adaptive MODE