🔰 RyuMA 📌Simple EMA /MA indicator to show 24 EMAs/MAs on 4 different timeframes with trend color coding on one chart. EMA = Exponential Moving Average MA = Moving Average TF = Timeframe 📌Features 🔹3 EMAs + 3 MAs = 6 total per timeframe 🔹x 4 Timeframes 🔹= 24 total EMAs/MAs 🔹Default 4 timeframes are Current/1D/3D/Weekly 🔹4 timeframes are adjustable to custom set timeframes 🔹Color coding green/red/gray self explanatory 🔹Default EMAs 55/100/200, default MAs 50/100/200 🔹Can adjust EMA /MA to custom option input length 🔹Option to turn all on/off, all per TF on/off, or all per MA type for all TF on/off 🔹Default EMA /MA linewidth length per TF 1/ 2 /3/4 🔹Can adjust custom input each TF linewidth 🔹TF3 is dashed, TF4 circles, and larger linewidth length to help differentiate 🔹EMA/MA Labels for each type and level 📌Note: Newer charts with not as much history won't show the high timeframe higher MAs.

You can have the indicator on the chart and turn it on and off by hiding it to clean up the chart and see the major levels still. So I will have it hidden but turn on to check with confluent levels.