Shows the reversal levels breakouts. When price is below the RyuLvl bottom reversal then bias is still bearish and price continues to fall. When price breakouts above the RyuLvl bottom reversal level then bias flipped to bullish while above. While below the level is still resistance and while above it is support. Here's some examples shown of breakout reversals from bottoms with RyuLvl auto support/resistance breakout level. It's pretty simple, Breakout above for bullish bottom reversal Breakdown below still bearish

Use on the higher timeframe for the 4h to 12h to display correctly.

📌Added Top RyuLvl

📌The Top RyuLvl works similarly like the bottom RyuLvl but for the top reversals.

📌Added dynamic trend colors option for support/resistance breakout/breakdown, default on. 📌Added the previous levels can be shown, default off hidden

📌Added signals for the RyuLvl breakouts/breakdowns to show on the chart, default off hidden

📌Added alerts for Top and Bottom RyuLvl breakouts and breakdowns

📌Updated the line extended off option so that it extends to where the level changed and starts, but can still be changed in settings to extend

Bottom RyuLvl Examples Below

📌TOP and BOTTOM RyuLvl

Bottom RyuLvl caught the reversal at $7,900 breakout in 2020 and hasn't broken down the bottom level since and now has moved up adjusted to $9,343 Bottom RyuLvl breakout at $3,430 in 2018/2019. And can see the Top RyuLvl showed the reversal which could have been used for SHORT or trailing stoploss. Top RyuLvl caught the top reversal in Dec 2017, you can see at the first breakdown the top reversal and flipped bearish resistance.