There are 4 different tiers of the knife catching signals with tier 1 being the strongest and rarest. RyuKnife also includes the Moon and Doom signals which have been good historically for catching the moves as well. The RyuKnife LONG/SHORT and Moon/Doom aren't to be traded only by themselves as an entry exit. While they may give really good and the best entries and exits, you may have a RyuKnife LONG or Moon signal showing for entry but may not get a RyuKnife SHORT or Doom signal for a long time missing the exit since they are rare. But when you do see them then it is good to pay attention and be on the right side of the signals.


RyuKnife Examples

RyuKnife BTC 4h

RyuKnife BTC 1h

RyuKnife BNB/USDT 12h

Caught -75% dump Caught +140% pump Basically the same for every alt in multiple timeframes

Moon and Doom Examples