Frequently Asked Questions


📌Difference between free indicators, bots, charts, content and the private paid ones?

Free Content Charts - The free public Discord channels include some charts/trades/setups/calls/updates for the BTC and Alts channels. Indicator - The free indicator RyuMulti is a combination of multiple common and popular indicators in one. It saves you from using +10 different indicators as well it has my own additions. It has many features, customizable MAs of any time, and can set alerts for all the signals. Bots - The free Discord bots alerts only include BTC in multiple timeframes with the Ichimoku breakout signals alerts which are also included in the free RyuMulti indicator. Private VIP Content Charts - Private channels include additional charts/trades/setups/calls/updates for BTC and alts and requests. Indicators - The private premium paid indicators include my proprietary proven successful strategies, customizable strategies and gives entries/exits long/short, TP/SL, all customizable. See the Kashikoi link below and other indicators for details and more information.

Bots - The private discord bots provides alerts from many alts in multiple timeframes of my private indicators signals. See RyuBots link below for more details and information.

📌Are there trials for the indicators?

No, sorry. I have already done many trial periods over the years and are done. If you never got to try then I am sorry, but I have shared my charts and trades over the years and have already proven the success and never deleted any trades so you can check for yourself. I am not even looking for new members so it's fine if you are not committed to join, I only make available for the few that use and want to join.

📌Why charge and this price?

I have spent years developing my strategies and indicators as well as a lot of time and money. Therefore, some may be free and some may be private. If you are looking for free tools or trading on a small account you can use my free indicator RyuMulti and free Ichimoku bots in discord. For everything you get this is very cheap also others charging/paying a lot more for a lot less and just calls/signals. You get a lot more with the indicators, bots, charts/updates/setups, all the tools you need to make your own signals and analysis all automated. The strategies have been proven backtested and forward tested for years. Do not fall for signals groups that spam literally almost every coin on the exchange in bull or bear market, then show results of pumps. You must learn the basics and risk management; the indicators help improve your trading, automate the analysis, set alerts and bots save time from checking charts all the time.

📌Why are only 1 year plans offered?

The trend trading method has proven successful and very profitable each year over the years. To be successful trading should be seen as a serious business and long term commitment and for only a small investment for all of these tools. We are only looking for more serious members that is a time and money investment and commitment. Furthermore, until TradingView updates their indicators access management, I have to manually add/remove each indicator individually and since there are so many indicators provided I won't be doing monthly.

📌There's a lot of indicators do you need or use all?

RyuKumo, RyuTA, and RyuTrend signals and strategies are already included in the Kashikoi indicator, which can be used in any combination along with others for a custom strategy. And some just show different levels for fibs, piv, MAs, support/resistance. You can view all or what ever you prefer. They can be used together to help find confluent levels. Kashikoi indicator can be used on it's own with its signals or with your own system for confluence. The Pro+ additional indicators tools help making trading easier to automate levels and save time. The Premium VIP additional indicators help add another edge for confluence and key levels tops/bottoms.

📌Do they work on all timeframes and assets?

They work for all timeframes and assets and good for trending markets. You can use the tools for levels in any market and timeframe to find support and resistance for the auto fibs, pivots, MAs, SR levels. Also, the settings can be adjusted to optimize signals for a particular timeframe and asset. RyuPivots can show daily, weekly, monthly pivots. RyuMA shows 4 different timeframes at once to see high timeframe levels and is customizable. RyuFib will auto adjust for each timeframe for the fib retracement length. Kashikoi strategy can be customized and optimized with the backtester for each asset and timeframe and has many settings options for the strategy parameters customization and works well during trending markets. RyuLvl is for higher timeframe for breakout bias, and can use on 4h and 12h but will also work on lower timeframes. Recommended timeframes for Kashikoi and RyuKnife are 4h with the settings optimized to catch and hold the major trend with low noise. You can see more at the timeframes link below here.

RyuTA is more aggressive as you can see it usually shows the trend reversals earlier for the best entries and exits and warnings. RyuKumo shows the 3 kumo (cloud) levels which price reacts to and used for bullish/bearish bias. RyuTrend is another trend strategy that you can use for confluence and it has 6 levels but can use on the level 2 for reversals and it usually has less noise so you can hold throughout the strong trends. But all of these can be used in any combination for a custom strategy in Kashikoi indcator.

📌There are so many options and settings. What's the best settings/strategy?

You can use the default settings already optimized and with less noise and following the trend on the 4h timeframe. The indicators allow for full customization for any trader and to optimize for the best strategies for any market and timeframe of their choice. Furthermore, the backtester can be utilized to optimize your own custom strategy on various markets and timeframes.

📌Trades for BITMEX or leverage trading pairs?

With the Kashikoi Indicator you can trade with any exchange and pairs included in the TradingView charts.

📌What platform does the bot use and the prices from?

You can trade the pairings on any exchange as the trend and signals will be the same, but the prices are from Binance so keep in mind if you are on a different exchange the prices and wicks may be slightly different but will have the same signals.

📌Does the bot auto trade on the exchange through API?

No, the RyuBots will not auto execute the trade on the exchange. They will alert here on Discord channels for you and you can decide to make the trade, to check charts, or use with your analysis, and system or not. You can automate your trading by using the TradingView alerts from the indicator with your custom strategy. You can set this up with your own bot or by using other platforms like 3commas, Zignaly, ProfitView, etc.

📌Do I need a PRO or paid plan account on TradingView to use the indicators?

No, can use any of the indicators and alerts with any TradingView account free or paid. However, there will be some limitations to the number of indicators you can use per chart and alerts available depending on your TradingView Plan. Basic (free) - gives 3 indicators per chart and 1 alert. Pro - gives 5 indicators per chart and 10 alerts. Pro+ - gives 10 indicators per chart and 30 alerts. Premium - gives 25 indicators per chart and 400 alerts. So you can choose your TradingView plan depending on your budget and need. Also, the Discord bots already send may signals for Bitcoin and alert for many alts in BTC and USDT pairs for various timeframes which can save you from setting those alerts.

⚠️No profits are guaranteed

Despite the strategies being very profitable and successful, your results will depend on your own trading management and execution. You can have a very profitable strategy but if you don't follow it properly, don't use proper risk management, position sizing, leverage, etc, then no strategy/system will help you. This is not a signals/copy trading membership/group, the indicators will provide all of the analysis/trend/levels and it's up to you to analyze it and interpret it or use with your own system.

✅To improve your success

Please read the documentation for all of the indicators. Follow the trading rules. The private chat support is available for your questions where other members can also help each other. The indicators automatically do all the analysis, trend, and levels to improve your trading, save time, easier and more efficient. I do not need to persuade or try to sell the indicators as they have proven themselves over the years which the results speak for themselves if you've followed. The weakest link in trading is the trader itself, which requires disciple and strict risk management.