Frequently Asked Questions


Difference between Kashikoi Anaraiza and RyuBots?

The Kashikoi Anaraiza is an indicator that you can put on your charts in TradingView, can be used for any market, any coin and exchange, stocks, forex, indices, and any timeframe; and can set alerts on TradingView with it. RyuBots will monitor certain coins and timeframes and post the alerts here in the discord channels with calculations of profit and loss. They both use similar logic for trend trading method.

Trades for BITMEX or leverage trading pairs?

With the Kashikoi Indicator you can trade with any exchange and pairs with BITMEX. For the RyuBots the trend and signals are the same on the various charts but keep in mind the prices and wicks will vary. Also, the profits calculated is without leverage and use the appropriate leverage for your own risk management.

What platform does the bot use and the prices from?

You can trade the pairings on any exchange as the trend and signals will be the same, but the prices are from Binance so keep in mind if you are on a different exchange the prices and wicks may be slightly different but will have the same signals.

Does the bot auto trade on the exchange through API?

No, the RyuBots will not auto execute the trade on the exchange. They will alert here on Discord channels for you and you can decide to make the trade, to check charts, or use with your analysis, and system or not.

Do I need PRO account on TradingView to use indicator?

No, can use the Ryuzaki Trend Analyzer with any TradingView account free or PRO. Free account you only get 1 alert. PRO TradingView account can add more alerts for the indicator. Also, the bots will alert to discord if not using TradingView alerts.