Ryuzaki Trading Room

Trend Trading Method, Bots Alerts, Indicators, Charts, Community, Tools for Traders

We provide tools for traders to help improve their trading, including Discord alerts bots and TradingView indicators. These tools help traders clearly easily identify trends directional bias, key technical levels, support/resistance, entries/exits, targets and stoploss on the chart to improve their trading and save time. TradingView and Discord bot alerts help traders identify key moments to check the chart and make decisions. The trader always makes the final decision and the tools are utilized for confirmation.

Ryuzaki Trading Room consists of the following:

  • RyuBots Discord Alerts

  • TradingView Indicators

  • Discord Trading Community

  • Support Chat

  • Shared ideas/setups/charts

  • Trading Education

Kashikoi Anaraiza

Mix of the indicators shown on chart all levels and signals automated


Free Multi-Indicator and Discord Ichimoku Alerts

RyuMulti [FREE]

Please feel free to use my free indicator RyuMulti. It has many indicators combined into one that can be useful. See link page below for the details. Access is open and you can add to your chart and set up alerts for all signals. Enjoy! https://www.tradingview.com/script/YGg7872n-RyuMulti/

  • Trend colored candles

  • Ichimoku & kumo breakouts

  • ATR breakouts

  • 16 custom MAs w/ 11 types to choose

  • 3 custom MA crossovers

  • Trend colored clouds

  • 10 custom MAs levels plots

  • Auto S/R levels

  • BBands & breakouts

Ichimoku Discord Breakouts Alerts [FREE]

Here is the free RyuMulti indicator shown with the free discord Ichimoku alerts. You can also set up your own alerts with the indicator. Ichimoku Kumo breakout bots for Discord alerts Scans market 24/7 & alerts trend so you can check charts & not have to watch 24/7. Breakouts for 15m, 1h, 4h, 12h, 1D. FREE access for all in Discord.

How to use the Ichimoku +KB/-KB Kumo Breakout alerts? These show the Ichimoku trend for various timeframes you can use the same way. The alerts help to notify you so you do not need to watch the trend 24/7 or miss on the changes and moves. So that you can check the chart at these breakouts then it is up to you to analyze the chart and timeframes based on your strategy methods and can be used as confluence.